ClinicOnline, WebCom & Apple Health App



Easily send your vital signs straight to your case history through ClinicOnline from home.

Sinaptica IT has broaden its usage umbrella again by interfacing ClinicOnline with the Apple Health App.



Thanks to this new function, you can use any of the devices compatible with the Apple Health App to measure vital signs, and immediately send data to your case history using the WebCom App.

This way, patients are more and more empowered to take charge of their conditions, which is exactly what we aim at-patient-centered care!

These are some of the vital signs that may be sent:


  • body temperature
  • blood sugar
  • blood pressure (systolic/diastolic)
  • heart rate
  • weight
  • oxygen saturation
  • peak expiratory flow rate
  • forced expiratory volume in the first second of exhalation
  • respiratory rate
  • forced vital capacity