The TorCom App for anonymous warnings



TorCom is a tool designed for the Public Administration (PA) to send and receive information on any offense in an anonymous and untracked way.

Sinaptica IT has designed the TorCom application for Android, with which it is possible to communicate with the Public Administration in a fully anonymous manner, so as to inform about offences.


The TorCom App allows for interaction between who informs about offenses and managers of the PA anticorruption office in the following way:


  • those who inform about offenses, in a anonymous and untracked manner, send the information from their own smartphones using a simple encrypted messages system;
  • the anticorruption department anonymously receive the information directly on Archimede, the dedicated web platform, implementing  a fully anonymous bidirectional communication system with the addressee that allows further interaction if needed.


Anonymous access without traceability

Thanks to its Research & Development Department, Sinaptica IT has designed a valid, and most of all, secure solution that allows to anonymously access the web service allowing to inform about offenses without traceability. All this is done through a smartphone using our TorCom App which interacts with the Tor (The Onion Router) network.

This solution allows users to comply with the 190/2012 decree regarding the safeguard of public employees that need to notify offences.